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Leave a comment below giving examples of how you have used your SMSC skills this week!!!

Spiritual – You could talk to someone else about their religion or find out facts about a religion.

Moral – Talk about your ideas on right and wrong with a family member.

Social – Come up with a way to help people in our local community.

Cultural – Find out some facts about life in a different country.


How SMSC aware can you be?

Miss Okell


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Just a quick update!

Tawab is hero of the week for her brilliant attitude to learning and positivity in all that we do in our room.

Sarrinah, Ayan and Hussain have had their spaceman circuits put forward on the shortlist for the best training like an astronaut program. Over the next few weeks, we will find out who has been selected as the winner and which spaceman circuit will be tested out for real.

Miss Okell

space lamps


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Here is the amazing footage that we watched  from the Moon landings in 1969.

What can you find out about the first mission to the moon?

What do you think it would be like to be there?

Show the Spirit of the Astronaut by leaving a comment below!


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We have an incredibly busy week coming up again!

Our trip to the Daresbury Science labs is taking place on Tuesday. Please remember to bring your packed lunch (if you need one) in disposable packaging. You must wear your uniform. If you haven’t returned your permission slip, bring this in tomorrow please.

No booster groups are taking place this week as Miss Furr and I are both out on Thursday afternoon and I am very excited to be teaching PE this Friday.

Remember that your homework this week is to design a circuit training program for an astronaut. Prizes for the best training program!

I am already thinking carefully about the Spirit of the Astronaut for our hero of the week this week. Who do you think it should be?

Miss Okell


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Have a look at our martian soil investigations so far! What a brilliant day!


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Dear Astronauts and Space Experts,

We are writing to ask you some questions. We need help to write a balanced argument for and against space travel and exploration.

Leave a comment below if you can help, help us with our space project. Do you think that space travel can help us? Why, or why not?

Kind regards,



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Here is a useful video about estimating.

Leave a comment below with your top tips!!

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Use the sites from Children’s University to find out about the way our planet moves in space, day and night and how seasons work.

How our planet moves

Day and night

The length of the day

Miss Okell

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Here is the link to the apostrophe game that we are using in class today.

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Click below to access the game for today’s lesson.


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