Leave a comment below giving examples of how you have used your SMSC skills this week!!!

Spiritual – You could talk to someone else about their religion or find out facts about a religion.

Moral – Talk about your ideas on right and wrong with a family member.

Social – Come up with a way to help people in our local community.

Cultural – Find out some facts about life in a different country.


How SMSC aware can you be?

Miss Okell


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Just a quick update!

Tawab is hero of the week for her brilliant attitude to learning and positivity in all that we do in our room.

Sarrinah, Ayan and Hussain have had their spaceman circuits put forward on the shortlist for the best training like an astronaut program. Over the next few weeks, we will find out who has been selected as the winner and which spaceman circuit will be tested out for real.

Miss Okell

space lamps


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Here is the amazing footage that we watched  from the Moon landings in 1969.

What can you find out about the first mission to the moon?

What do you think it would be like to be there?

Show the Spirit of the Astronaut by leaving a comment below!


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Dear Mr Peake


I’m a student at Plymouth grove primary school in year 5. In science and pe I have been learning about what it is like to walk in zero gravity . My favourite planet is Saturn

In our class we have been learning about planets . We know that there are gas and rock planets and mixed . My favourite   planet is Saturn because of its ring did you know that Saturn’s ring is made out of rocks and ice . what is your favrout planet and why.

 we have been learning about astronomer’s and astronauts and their training . Like they have to go under water becase it simulates space and that you have to know how to drive a rocket .

Do you have any favourite planets and why do you like them?  thanks for taking the time into reading this.

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Dear Mr Peake

I am a student, my name is Tauseef.I am in year 5 at Plymouth Grove West in Manchester. I’m writing to you to learn about how people move on the moon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               We learnt about lots of planet in our solar sistem. And we learnt about astronaut moving wither gravity.

From Tauseef

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My name is Juvariah i am a student from Plymouth Grove Primary school , i am in year 5.At school we have been looking at space.In P.E  we have been looking  at how astronaurt move and train.Science is my favorate subject.

At school we are going to a trip to sent things at space.Its is called Datesbury  science Labs.I  think you might have been there. We  had 4 visiters in are school for them to teach us more about space.

In year 5 we have beenn waching vidios about  how astonaurts train .It is a clear that astonaurts go to space in a rocket.Which is your favoret planet ? because mkine is Mars.Mars is a red planet which is freezing cold.A fact about mars is that is someone whants to live in Mars they whould never come back.

When  are you going to space?When do youn train?what time do you train ?how do you  have break fast in space?How do you keep food from flouting from space?

thanks for reading my letter from Juvariah

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Dear Mr Timothy Peake,

I live in Manchester. I study in Plymouth grove primary school and I am in year five. I want to ask you some questions about Space. I know that you work in ESA.

My class in school are learning about Space, ISS and ESA. We are going to the Daresbury science park on a trip. IT IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!!

We learned about Surface, Moons and lots more. all the Planets, The sun, Mars,Venus Earth, Mercury, Satun, Urans, Neptune and Pluto. We also know Pluto is not a Planet any more.

How is Venus hotter than Mars? When did you graduate? Do you want to go to Space? Where do you work? What is the biggest Star?  Do you love being an Astronomer?

Thank you so much for reading this letter. I hope you reply soon. Contact us at www.plymouthgrove.net/5o.

Your sincerely Kasim.


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Dear Mr Peake ,


My name is Sarrinah and I am a student in year 5. I go Plymouth Grove primary school in Manchester. In our class we are learning about astronauts and space. In our PE lessons we have been learning how astronauts train and move. I am writing this letter to you  so you can answer some of my questions.


In our  science lessons we have been learning about planets and how they orbit around the sun. Did you know Neptune takes 165 of  Earth`s years to orbit around the sun.We are going to learn how a rocket is made.Do you know how a rocket is made? I don`t know yet.


I have heard astronauts train in water. Is this true? I already know that astronauts lift weights, use running machines and do lots of exercise to keep fit so they can go to space.I also know it takes years of training to go to space and that is very long.


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To Mr Peake,

My name is Ayan and I am a student in year 5 at Pymouth grove primary school in Manchester. I really like space in fact we are doing space in PE.My favourite planet is Jupiter .I  like  Jupiter because it is orange and it is 300 times heavier than the Earth.I am writing to you because I want to know what a real life astronaut does.

Like I  said Jupiter is my favourite planet.Jupiter  is named after the king of the Roman god’s.A day in Jupiter is less than 10 hours long-the shortest day in the solar system.Jupiter has 16 moons “WOW” that’s a lot.

I have learned how astronaut train. They train under water to   see and feel how it is going to feel in space.We have watched  lots of videos  about  how astronaut train.We even have PE  to train and experience to get ready to go to space.  They  really need to be ready to go to space .

How do they eat in space?Does it just float and you try to eat it?How can they drink in space?They need to drink water to live.How many things  do you need to know to go to space?

Thank you Mr Peake for reading this and I hope you have a great day.

By Ayan


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Dear Mr Peake, 


I am a student, in year 5 at the UK Plymouth Grove Primary School. Our class has been learning about Space, This writing is going to talk about questions I want to know. This letter is going to talk about what I’ve been doing, what I’ve enjoyed, and some questions I want to know.


At school we have been learning about Space and its features. I have enjoyed learning about Planets. My favorite planet was Jupiter because it was massive, huge and big. Our class had four visitors come to tell us about space. I also enjoyed it when one visitor came and they had this app on their laptop, and they could go to any planet. I learnt that Pluto isn’t a planet any more and that on one half of the planet it’s day and the other night.


In Pyshical Education, which is PE sports. We have been doing astronaut exercise. What do you do when you are doing your training? 

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