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To Mr Peake,

My name is Ayan and I am a student in year 5 at Pymouth grove primary school in Manchester. I really like space in fact we are doing space in PE.My favourite planet is Jupiter .I  like  Jupiter because it is orange and it is 300 times heavier than the Earth.I am writing to you because I want to know what a real life astronaut does.

Like I  said Jupiter is my favourite planet.Jupiter  is named after the king of the Roman god’s.A day in Jupiter is less than 10 hours long-the shortest day in the solar system.Jupiter has 16 moons “WOW” that’s a lot.

I have learned how astronaut train. They train under water to   see and feel how it is going to feel in space.We have watched  lots of videos  about  how astronaut train.We even have PE  to train and experience to get ready to go to space.  They  really need to be ready to go to space .

How do they eat in space?Does it just float and you try to eat it?How can they drink in space?They need to drink water to live.How many things  do you need to know to go to space?

Thank you Mr Peake for reading this and I hope you have a great day.

By Ayan


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Tectonic plates are like jigsaw pieces which make up the Earths crust.
When one plate goes over another, the plate underneath melts and turns into magma. At the other end of the plate, a vent is formed. A vent is a hole in the Earth where magma and gas can escape.

As the lava escapes from the vent, a volcano is formed. As the volcano grows it will continue to erupt. The flanks of the volcano are heavier than the magma, so when the magma has nowhere to go, it goes up the conduit and erupts from the throat of the volcano!

Today in class we have found out how lava is made. We did an experiment with out own volcano to see what an eruption looks like. We used food colouring, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.





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Hello, My name is Ayan I love maths and I want to get better at it. I think this is the best school in the world I came to school in year 2 and miss Okell is the  best teacher in the world

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