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My name is Juvariah i am a student from Plymouth Grove Primary school , i am in year 5.At school we have been looking at space.In P.E  we have been looking  at how astronaurt move and train.Science is my favorate subject.

At school we are going to a trip to sent things at space.Its is called Datesbury  science Labs.I  think you might have been there. We  had 4 visiters in are school for them to teach us more about space.

In year 5 we have beenn waching vidios about  how astonaurts train .It is a clear that astonaurts go to space in a rocket.Which is your favoret planet ? because mkine is Mars.Mars is a red planet which is freezing cold.A fact about mars is that is someone whants to live in Mars they whould never come back.

When  are you going to space?When do youn train?what time do you train ?how do you  have break fast in space?How do you keep food from flouting from space?

thanks for reading my letter from Juvariah

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Tectonic plates are like jigsaw pieces which make up the Earths crust.
When one plate goes over another, the plate underneath melts and turns into magma. At the other end of the plate, a vent is formed. A vent is a hole in the Earth where magma and gas can escape.

As the lava escapes from the vent, a volcano is formed. As the volcano grows it will continue to erupt. The flanks of the volcano are heavier than the magma, so when the magma has nowhere to go, it goes up the conduit and erupts from the throat of the volcano!

Today in class we have found out how lava is made. We did an experiment with out own volcano to see what an eruption looks like. We used food colouring, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.





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