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Here is this week’s quiz! I got 8/10. Who can beat the teacher??

I’ve found a really interesting news article about a space ship launch too. Have a read.

Hope you have all been practicing your haka routines at home!!

Miss Okell

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Each week, Newsround make a quiz so that we can test ourselves on the week’s news. Learning about what is going on around us is a great way to improve our SMSC skills.

Have a go at last week’s quiz by clicking on this link.

Post your score in the comments below!

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Leave a comment below giving examples of how you have used your SMSC skills this week!!!

Spiritual – You could talk to someone else about their religion or find out facts about a religion.

Moral – Talk about your ideas on right and wrong with a family member.

Social – Come up with a way to help people in our local community.

Cultural – Find out some facts about life in a different country.


How SMSC aware can you be?

Miss Okell


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